Reeven Steropes RC-1206 review - Low profile cooling

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In Idle, the Steropes RC-1206 keeps the AMD A8-6600K at a 37°C, which is a decent number. With the CPU in load, the temp jumps up to 65°C, which is slightly warm, but still decent when comparing it to other low-profile coolers or the stock AMD offer.

  Idle Load
Stock 37°C 73°C
Alpine 11 PRO 34°C 70°C
Xigmatek Aegir 33°C 68°C
Reeven Steropes RC-1206 31°C 65°C
Akasa Nero LX 29°C 62°C

For overclocking enthusiasts, who’d have a field day stressing a CPU & the cooler strapped onto it, Reeven Steropes is not a good choice. That’s namely because that’s not its primary purpose. It was intended for small spaces, suitable for HTPCs or slim systems. Performance wise however, there are better solutions available, some equally built as low-profile.

One thing worth noting in its design is the positioning of the fan. Unlike the Silverstone NT06-Pro, Reeven Steropes has its fan pushing air down onto the motherboard, which is not really a good thing.


The cooler has one single PMW fan doing all the work, and that one in Idle is relatively quiet, registering only 28dBa (which is a value below that of human hearing). In full load, you can hear the fan slightly, but even so, the noise level is not even close to being bothersome, measuring only 44dBa. In most sealed enclosures, you will most likely hear the GPU before even noticing that Steropes cooler.

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