Acer S277HKwmidpp monitor review - Proper 4K polish

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S277HK wmidpp is currently available for $699, a slightly steep asking price even for UHD monitors. There are offerings, such as ASUS PB287Q, which is at least $150 cheaper. However, ASUS' offering uses a TN panel that doesn't even come close to Acer's IPS implementation. If you look at office friendly models with similar specs, the MSRP goes over $1000 for them. In the right circumstance, Acer's offering might even look like a proper deal.


It's clear Acer has put a lot of work into delivering a polished, sleek and beautifully monitor with the S277HK. While the design might be attractive, for me, its behavior is far more interesting. Behind the thin bezels and brushed aluminum-like plastic lies a great IPS panel with some interesting specifications, both on paper and in day-to-day use. It's a premium screen, both in looks and image reproduction.

There are some weaknessess worth mentioning though, most importantly, the lack of adjustability and VESA mount support. Sure, it can do 4K right, work with 99% sRGB and feature some excellent viewing angles, but if I want to mount it on an arm and adjust it properly, I have to look elsewehere. Also worth mentioning is the lack of uniformity, since it's actually noticeable to the naked eye.

Overall, considering its major fault and the aforementioned strengths, Acer's S277HK wmidpp is still a solid purchase, that is, if you have $700 to dish on a work-friendly monitor.


Pros Cons


- Excellent sRGB coverage;
- Great viewing angles;

- Great image quality;
- Sleek, polished design;


- Contrast ratio could be improved;

- Lack of adjustability options;
- Lack of luminance uniformity;



Build Quality

9.0 8.7 Image-Quality


8.5 Design


9.1  Price & Value



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