MSI Z170 XPower Gaming Titanium Edition preview

MSI revealed some pre-launch info about their Z170 series motherboards but the most interesting and appealing of them all is the Z170 XPower Gaming Titanium Edition, the new flagship of LGA115x platform. The new XPOWER motherboard is designed to provide gamers and overclockers something unique. Titanium on the in & outside. A silver PCB, heavy plated silver heatsinks and subtle PCB printing make the new XPOWER a special attraction.

MSI Z170 XPower Gaming

The board looks awesome in black and white, grooved by a subtle red line that separates audio are from the rest of the PCB.

‘Titanium Edition’ means the motherboard is the most advanced version of its class, but also that we can expect a non-titanium board, for smaller budgets.

The VRM is specially built for extreme overclocking just like on Z97 XPower, having 16 phases and a massive heatsink. MSI Military Class 5 is here for better stability and endurance.

The water cooling part is gone but there is more space between the CPU socket and the first PCIE slot. This is a good step for extreme overclocking offering more space for the CPU pot for LN2 sessions.

msi titanium

The OC Dashboard offers the buttons for live changing of CPU base clock and multiplier. It is extended by a cable to use separately from the motherboard when overclocking to avoid freezing of the overclocking buttons when using LN2. It is a little different from Z97 XPower, but in a good way. The arrangement of the +/- buttons makes them easier to be accessed.

MSI Z170 XPower Gaming OC dashboard

MSI Z170 XPower Gaming Titanium Edition supports 4-way SLI/CrossfireX. We will see in a short while how the PCIE slots are running, but I am pretty sure that the white ones will ride x16/x16. Unlike the Z97 XPower, which has 5 PCIE slots, Z170 has only 4. That means the first slot will be used any way, not like on Z97 where for one card you have to use the second slot.

The storage part benefits from Twin Turbo M.2 sockets while the error code display was move on the bottom edge, a more appropriate position.

MSI Z170 XPower Gaming PCIE

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