Steelseries Apex M800 keyboard review - A new alternative


Steelseries Apex M800 seems to make no compromises when it comes to gaming. Unfortunately, this means if you want to type, it might not really offer you a pleasant experience. The switches feel similar to rubber domes, but lacking the overall mushiness. Being linear means you don't have a feedback when they actuate, and given their short bottom-out distance, it'll take a while to get used to them.

While I found myself eventually liking the extra-wide space button, I cannot the same for the lack of a wrist-rest. Thankfully, the height and angle weren't high enough for the mech to dig into my palm / wrist.

As you might expect from a $150+ mech, Apex M800 comes with NKRO - as evidenced below.

 Steelseries Apex M800 mechanical keyboard - NKRO


To be a gaming keyboard, you have to present a series of features that would appeal to the so-called gamers. Many a mech boast about unique capabilities, but few are as dedicated as the Apex M800, and that's not always a good thing. The switches are not necessarily typist-friendly, but they are nothing short of extraordinary for someone playing shooters. Actually, scratch that. The large space between keys, customizability and fast-press / actuation would also allow strategy and MOBA players to get the most out of it. The only ones that are at a major disadvantage are users who also want to type, or play games where APM doesn't matter much.

Will it improve your gaming performance? As I previously said, peripherals wouldn't really make you a pro over-night, but they do should complement your skills if need be. The worst gaming mouse / kb is the one that stands against you, instead of actually providing you the best necessary feedback. In this case, M800 is nothing short of excellent.

The Engine is probably one of the most extensive software packages available on the market. You can assign and tweak pretty much every key on the board, and the macro creation part is extensive with seemingly no limitations in length and complexity. While it is useful in certain games, it can also be used in the office, if you want to run scripts or lengthy shortcuts.

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