Larian returns to Kickstarter for Divinity Original Sin 2

  • Published in RPG news

Larian Studios has announced a sequel for Divinity: Original Sin, will soon announce a Kickstarter campaign for it.

Divinity-Original-Sin-IIThe Kickstarter for the role-playing game is slated for launch on August 26, but before that Larian opened up the possibility for backers to vote on stretch goals. Pledge possiblities include development documentary, a beer mug, a novella and even console versions. These can be checked and voted upon on the official Larian forums.

For now, we have no actual info on the game, save some artwork, though the developer will prepare a playable prototype for PAX Prime.

Divinity: Original Sin was originally Kickstarter with 19,541 backers and $944,282 in April 2013, exceeding Larian's $400,000 target. The game saved the studio and proved to be a critical and commercial success, selling over half a million copies. Despite its succerss, it seems the company needs additional support from its fans for the sequel.




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