Mionix Castor gaming mouse review - Stellar craftsmanship

Mionix has teased two very different gaming mice this past year. One is Naos QG with its Kickstarter campaign, and the other is Castor - known and expected before officially announced. Let's take a painstakingly thorough look at the latter.

Like many "boutique" gaming-gear companies, Mionix has a limited selection of products on sale, all of them looking particularly polished. The company has designed both ambidextrous, and palm-grip friendly right-hand only mice, and has now even tried to create an ergonomic shape that should marry all grip-types. In terms of sensors, they employed ADNS lasers, but also offered optical variants in the same form-factor. Earlier this year, I took a closer look at the Naos 7000, and found it to be one of the best palm-grip models you can buy. Now, I got the chance of checking another Mionix branded rodent, one akin to its brethren, but only in aesthetics and finish.

I'm talking about Castor - a peripheral that first made its appearance last year at Gamescom, and has been in development for quite some time. While it may hold similarities to other Mionix mice (soft-touch coating, subtle RGB backlit logo / scroll wheel), it also brings new things to the table, including a powerful 10K optical sensor, as well as an unique shape / design.

Mionix Castor Gaming Mouse - Product Image 

Castor is supposedly built to cater to all users, all grip types, and there are subtle ergonomic curves suggesting that a lot of work and thinking has been put in the shell construction. Still, as we've learned time and again, design is not enough if what's under the hood is not up to par.

Mionix has employed the use of the PMW-3310 optical sensor, capable of going up to 10k DPI at a speed of 5.45 m/s, with nearly flawless tracking on the right surface (on paper, at least). While the sensor might be lauded as one of the best available, it remains to be seen if its implementation matches its performance. 

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