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I have a strong feeling the Castor suite isn't complete, with the mouse not being released yet and all that. Still, in terms of interface and behavior, it's not very different than what Naos 7000 features.

The UI is split between five tabs: Mouse Settings, Sensor Performance, Color Settings, Macro Settings and Support. Beneath them you have 5 Profiles to toggle between.

Mouse Settings

This could be considered the main window, and it's where you assign new button commands and look for settings not otherwise specified. By not otherwise specified, I mean adjustments that aren't related to the sensor. These include double-click speed, scroll speed, pointer acceleration (which is disabled by default), and lastly polling rate (with toggles between 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz).

 Mionix Castor Gaming Mouse - Software Suide

Next to the top-down view of the mouse, you have the 6 available button commands and the option to customize them - with a choice between a series of predefined actions, single-key commands or Macro assignments.

Sensor Performance

Here you have DPI settings (with the option to tweak x and y axis independently), angle snapping (and angle tuning), Pointer Speed, and lift distance. 

 Mionix Castor Gaming Mouse - Sensor Performance

Mionix has also included a Surface Quality Analyzer tool - SQAT - giving you the option to test your mouse-mat and adjusts settings accordingly.

Color Settings

The two included RGB LEDs can be tweaked around: you can turn them on or off, change colors or look through several effects.

 Mionix Castor Gaming Mouse - Color Settings

Macro Settings

The tab where you create macros and record them. You have two windows, one showing you available macros, one showing you their composition. You can choose to register delays between key / button presses or the length with which you keep the button pressed.

 Mionix Castor Gaming Mouse - Macros

There also doesn't seem to be a tangible limit to how long said macros would be. I haven't written a 1000 word paragraph to see if it stops - just the software section.

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