ASUS ROG Sica gaming mouse review - Some customization


ASUS priced Sica at around $50 right now - and here's the thing, despite me not embracing its shape, the price isn't half bad. It's actually a decent mouse for users who want something accurate without all the frills.


Sica is not the most feature complete and complex mouse on the market - in fact it's stripped down to its essentials. Thankfully, ASUS has worked to ensure the basic package is really polished - and would still be considered good enough. What it does, it does right, and there's no way around that. 

It also comes with the same replaceable switch-type mechanic that Gladius featured, and that's brings a small DIY aspect to it, something for enthusiasts who enjoy tinkering and customization. True, there's not much else other than replacing the mechanical switches - but even that's more than most other similar priced mice offer.


Pros Cons

 - Replaceable switch socket;

- Extensive software suite;
- Excellent sensor;

- The ergonomics could be better;

Build:           8.5 8.4 Sensor:           9.6
Ergonomics: 8.0 Features:        7.0

Design:        8.8

Value:             9.0
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