ASUS ROG Sica gaming mouse review - Some customization

First Look

Sica comes in a black & red package with a glamour shot on the front. Inside, you have a small user manual, several ROG stickers and the rodent itself.

Unlike Gladius, the peripheral is small & lightweight with an ambidextrous shape. It's slightly flattened and has no side buttons. It looks like a barebones offering - only 3 buttons are present: left & right click, as well as the scroll wheel. It's been a while since I've seen a mouse without back & forward buttons or a dedicated DPI toggle.

ASUS ROG Sica gaming mouse - FrontASUS ROG Sica gaming mouse - Back 

Despite it being so simple, there are several design sensibilities tying it to Gladius - including a similar metallic grey colored shell and backlit Republic of Gamers logo on the back. 

Subtle black & red glossy panels are neatly placed next to left & right click - small enough not to become instant dust & fingerprint magnets.


Sica is ambidextrous and symmetrical. It has no side buttons on the left panel and none on the right. As I previously mentioned stiff rubber sides are added, though I am not entirely sure they help the grip in any way.

ASUS ROG Sica gaming mouse - Right Sides

Unlike Gladius, its closest kin, Sica has the mayan pattern placed all the way at the back, while the place where your fingers actually rest is hard plastic through and through.

ASUS ROG Sica gaming mouse - Sides


Turning the mouse about, you find the sensor at the center and three PTFE glide pads. The mouse also has 2 dedicated rubber covers over the screws - these don't end up interfering with the overall glide.

ASUS ROG Sica gaming mouse - Underside

When it comes to tracking, the optical sensor behaves as expected, nothing short of excellent. It pickd up some noisy data from rough pads, but it glides aclose to perfect on speed ones.

ASUS ROG Sica gaming mouse - Mousepad

While working on this mouse, ASUS also provided me with the Whetstone patterned mat. It has a thick rubber flat rubber base and a specific pattern ontop. It surely looks interesting and manages to stick to the table quite well.

Unfortunately, tracking on it isn't all that great. Tried three different mice, the Sica, Mionix Castor and Logitech's G502 - all of 'em employing some of the most accurate optical sensors of the market, and with all of had various issues. The problem is in the pattern, it seems to interfere with the tracking - mice moving even when they were still on the desk.


Another reason why I believe Sica is a budgeted offer is the lack of a braided cable - ASUS opting to use a simple rubber cable. It's thick and slightly stiff, but it shouldn't interfere with your day to day activities. 

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