ASUS ROG Sica gaming mouse review - Some customization


Sica uses the ROG Armory suite, ASUS' new branded software bundle. You have three main tabs: buttons, performance and lighting, with an additional button for macros. You also have the option to create profiles and store them on PC or on the mouse built-in memory.


The tab shows a top-down view of the mouse, with 5 assignments for the three available buttons.

ASUS ROG Sica gaming mouse - Software 

You can assign functions, windows shortcuts, multimedia commands or macros to left & right click, scroll up, scroll down and scroll click.


Here you will find all sensor related commands - including sensitivity and acceleration controls - be them positive or negative. Oddly enough, there is no option for lift-off distance, though the sensor supports said functionality.

ASUS ROG Sica gaming mouse - Performance 

You also have polling rate options listed underneath, with toggles between 125Hz to 1000Hz.


The LED is not RGB. As such, lighting controls is limited to turning the lights on or off, or some effects (with choices between steady and breathing) as well as a brightness slider.


Just like Gladius, clicking the Macro button opens up a new window that allows you to create complex commands. The window is clearly designed with a few ideas lifted from from Steelseries' Engine, since it has the same easy to follow rendition of keypresses.

 ASUS ROG Sica gaming mouse - Macro

You also have the option to tweak your recorded macro after you're done, with delay and repeat options.

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