Be Quiet! Silent Base 800 Window case review - Clear silence

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First look

Silent Base 800 comes in a black box with orange accents and a glamour shot of the chassis on the front. There are three color variants available: black & orange, black & silver, complete black. We received the first model - and the added orange highlights contrast well with the matte-black finish. On looks alone, the case manages to remain striking without being over-bearing.

Alongside the enclosure, you get an extensive set of accesories, which includes: a large full-color user-manual, 8x 6-32 round-head screws, 28x M3 HDD screws, 16x M3-flat head screws, 4x 6-32 flat-head screws, 6x M3 round-head screws, 4x 6-32 hex-head screws, and 2x MOBO standoffs as well as rubber rails for mechanical drives, 2x long cable-ties, 2x short cable-ties, 1x cable tie holder. You might have some issues telling all the screws apart since there are no clear labels and the manual doesn't thoroughly manage to explain which is which.

The case is wrapped in a PVA fabric bag and positioned in styrofoam placers to protect it from physical damage.

The chassis

Unlike Fractal Design's Define R5, who looked like a big black block - be quiet! offering goes for a more stylish approach. It features some sleek angles, and striking accents - though not too many. It's still minimalistic designed - just uses some clear design choices to set itself apart.

The front-panel is split in two: the top-side where upon opening the small panel, you gain access to the 5.25" drive-bays; and the bottom side where you have a large dust-filter covering two Silent Wings fans. Unforunately, there's no embedded fan-controller.

be quiet Silent Base 800 - Open Panel

Turning to the top, you have a small LED right next to the edge that doubles-down as an Reset putton. Next to it you have a large square Power Button with orange LED contour around it. To the right side you have 2x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0 ports, as well as the 3.5mm headphone / microphone ports. Cut-outs towards the rear and at the edge are designed for proper airflow.

be quiet Silent Base 800 - Front IO

Built out of plastic, the top-panel is attached to the metal frame - and needs to be removed if you want to install a liquid-cooling block atop.

Both side panels have something to offer. For the right panel, be quiet! added a middle cut-out - esentially an additional fan-mounting position, covered by noise-isolating material and a plastic panel.

be quiet Silent Base 800 - Right side

Meanwhile, the left side has received a massive revamp from the original Silent Base 800, respectively a large double-glazed polycarbonate window for a better view of inside window. The polycarbonate material used has noise isolating properties, but also high scratch & impact resistance. To prevent further vibrations being transmitted to the window, be quiet! decoupled it via a rubber insert - of orange color - matching the accents.

be quiet Silent Base 800 - Left Side

Turning to the rear, you have a standard layout: a PSU cut-out at the bottom, the MOBO expansion slots painted black, two liquid-cooling grommets and a 120mm intake fan. Here, it also becomes apparent why the enclosure has the dimensions it does - the steel frame is sandwitched between two plastic elements.

be quiet Silent Base 800 - Rear side

Lastly, there's the bottom side. Since the entire lower-side is a plastic addition to the metal frame - the bottom has no grills or filters underneath. Instead, these are relegated to the rear, where a dust-filter sits right under the PSU cut-out.

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