Be Quiet! Silent Base 800 Window case review - Clear silence

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After everything was installed and running smoothly, I took note of the sound dampening (subjectively, of course). Closed up, the chassis is almost inaudible and even witht he front cover removed - the two Silent Wings quiet fans make little to no noise. The only indication the machine was running were the lights shining inside, and the orange power LED.

Temperature and noise

That's all fine, but it's also subjective. Therefore I let it all boil down to figures - and compare them to those from other cases, including Fractal Design's Define R5. The first graph is for temperature - listing both motherboard and CPU temps; meanwhile the second is for noise levels


The open test-bench with the Xigmantek Aegir cooler had an idle temp of 36°C and 57°C in load. As such, the difference between an open frame and a sealed case was quite small, in favor of the open bench.

be quiet Silent Base 800 - Temp chart


be quiet Silent Base 800 - Noise Levels

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