G.Skill has announced two Ripjaws mechanical keyboards

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G.Skill has revealed two new Ripjaws mechanical keyboards with Cherry switch types - the KM780 RGB and KM780 MX.

G.Skill Ripjaws mechanical keyboards feature Cherry RGB / MX switches, with a rated lifespan of 50-million keystrokes, in red, brown, and blue variants. Similar to most premium gaming offerings, the keyboard is mounted to a 2mm brushed aluminum plate. As a cable routing solution, G.Skill has also introduced a foldable mouse-cable holder.

GSkill KM780-RGB-MX 

For keycaps - the manufacturer has designed a dual-coated laser-etched tactile modeled keycaps. Included in the package, is an added keycap case that contains a a puller, and several replacement custom caps.

Lastly, G.Skill also has dedicated media controls & a rather unique LED volume display. The aforementioned controls are backlit, while a die-cast volume controller - similar to that on Corsair's K-series rests above the numpad and the digital LED volume display.

GSkill Extra keycaps 

Lastly, the mech also features 6-additional macro keys, 3-hotkeys (Win-lock, brightness adjustments, and timer), on-the-fly keypress recording, and the option to switch the mech's layout for different needed actions.

G.SKILL Ripjaws series mechanical gaming keyboards will roll out starting from late September 2015 via authorized distribution partners. Both RIPJAWS KM780 RGB and KM780 MX are already available for $159.99 and $119.99, respectively. Cherry Red and Browns are currently available, while Cherry Blue to be included at a later date.

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