Closed-loop liquid cooler roundup: 9 AIO coolers reviewed

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I promised an AIO water cooler round-up, and with this meta-review that’s what I aim to deliver. To do so, I’ve gathered 9 all-in-ones and put them side by side. 

Before going further, I have to say – there are a lot of closed-loop coolers out there, many more than I was even aware of, before starting to work on this round-up. I might have managed to get my hands on a helluva a lot of models, most from well-known brands / manufacturers, and others from new guys trying to establish their brand, but there are still many other variants on the market; some obscure and others well known.

 Several watercoolers in the round-up are new releases, but most are either updated versions of year old models, or staples that didn’t really need much updating as they were performing admirably when they came out.

 Liquid Cooler AIO Round-up Boxes

For the sake of parity, I’ve only compared 240mm (2x 120mm fans) sized AIOs. As such, all models are from the same class, and their performance numbers should be taken at face value. For reference purposes, a few large air-coolers have also been added, massive towers of copper and aluminum with 120 / 140mm fans – capable of providing some serious competition to the AIOs in question.

So, without further ado, here are the products I will be comparing:

1. Coolermaster Nepton 240M
2. Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme S
3. ID Cooling Frostflow 240L
4. Raijintek Triton
5. Antec H20 1250
6. Deepcool GamerStorm Captain
7. SilverStone Tundra TD02-E
8. Fractal Design Kelvin S24
9. AlphaCool Eisberg 240

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