Closed-loop liquid cooler roundup: 9 AIO coolers reviewed

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Alphacool Eisberg 240

The last entry in our round-up is Alphacool’s Eisberg 240L all-in-one, released only a few months back. This cooler is similar in principle to Fractal Design’s Kelvin S24, and to a lesser extent to Raijintek’s Triton. 

It’s clearly designed for the enthusiast crowd, and it can be expanded and modified at will, just like the Kelvin.


The cooler uses the Nexxos ST 30 uses a mostly copper radiator, measuring 278x125x30mm, with steel side panels and threaded brass fitings. The FPI count is slightly lower than the one on aluminium AIOs, with only 14fins-per-inch and 12 channels.


Alphacool Eisberg 240L - Radiator

The radiator is similar to Fractal Design’s one, both in looks and overall performance, though FD boasts with a complete copper build.

Pump and radiator

Eisberg uses the largest pump / waterblock combo yet, larger than the one employed by Raijintek. A transparent reservoir window is present, and like Raijintek and Fractal Design, the refill option is added on the pump.

Alphacool Eisberg 240L - Pump

Alphacool uses a ceramic bearing pump, rated at 3600RPM, pushing out about 120L per hour, and having a lifespan of 50.000 hours.

Alphacool Eisberg 240L - Copper base

The copper cold plate is also familiar, with a matte polish, bolted to the block by four copper screws. All in all, a similar affair to what Fractal Design sported.


Alphacool has opted to use black nylon flexible tubing wrapped in metal spring coils, which should make them kink proof.

Alphacool Eisberg 240L - Tubing

Their thickness is 8mm inner and 11mm outer, and their length is 320mm. Like Fractal Design, Alphacool opted to use black-painted brass fittings to keep them in place.


2 x Coolmove hydro-dynamic bearing fans have been employed, with a maximum speed of 1300RPM, and a max airflow of 58.6CFM. Unfortunately, while the fans are nigh on silent, and provide decent CFM, they lack any PWM controls.

Their rated lifespan is that of 50.000 hours, like the pump.


Unlike all other all-in-ones in this round-up, Eisberg doesn't use a backplate. Instead it uses 4 insets that are inserted at the back of the motherboard. It might not be as stable an installation procedure, or provide the same pressure even pressure, but it does the job well.

Alphacool Eisberg 240L - Installed

It's also easy to install. All you have to do is:

1. Plug the insets onto the back of the motherboard;
2. Twist the included screws until you hear an audible click;
3. Lock-in the two mounting brackets onto the waterblock;
4. Attach the block onto the motherboard and screw it in with the included nuts;
5. 5. Connect the pump 4-pin connector to & the fans’ 4-pin connector to the appropriate header;

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