Closed-loop liquid cooler roundup: 9 AIO coolers reviewed

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Coolermaster Nepton 240M

Factory filled with coolant then sealed and pressure tested – the 240M is a larger brother to the 120XL. The two are very similar in construction, the only difference being the 274mm long radiator that accomodates 2x 120mm fans.

Coolermaster Nepton 240 - Liquid cooler


Built entirely out of aluminum, the radiator measures 274x 119x 27 mm, slightly thinner than 120XL’s. Two 120mm fans can be strapped onto it on each side. The FPI count is 22 fins-per-inch crossed with 12 channels.


Coolermaster Nepton 240 - Radiator

Coolermaster added a drain coupler to the radiator, covered by a seal that nullifies the warranty – which is five years, meaning the AIO should, in theory, work at least that long without any maintenance


Like 120XL, Nepton 240M comes with sealed 8mm thick (16mm external) corrugated FEP tubing (fluorinated ethylene propylene), that should provide protection against chemical exposure, and handle temperatures of up to 204° C.

Coolermaster Nepton 240 - Fittings

While it’s not necessarily the best looking hose – the tubing seems resiliant and isn't in any way prone to kinks or blockages. Their maximum length is 358mm, so you should be able to install the AIO everywhere within the enclosure.

Pump & Waterblock

240M comes with a custom-made pump that pushes 120L of coolant per hour at a noise-level below 15dBA. It has an expected lifespan of 70.000 hours, or roughly 8 years of continuous use – essentially overkill.

Coolermaster Nepton 240 - Pump

When powered on, a white LED illuminates the Coolermaster logo atop the pump. The total surface of for the copper base is about 3500 square mm – generous even for sockets like LGA2011 and LGA2011 V3. The surface isn’t polished to a mirror-sheen, but slightly grooved to ensure better contact.

Coolermaster Nepton 240 - Copper base

According to Coolermaster, the coldplate has a skived fin area of 32.000mm2 due to the “ultra-fine micro channel” technology, increasing the internal surface area, where coolant draws heat away from the block, four times larger than what “the competition” offers.

Technically, more surface area should provide better heat dissipation, as long as the fins don’t impede coolant flow.


Like 120XL, Coolermaster has included 2x loop dynamic bearing Silencio fans, with a dust-proof rating of IP6X, and an expected lifespan of 160.000 hours. These are 120 x 120 x 25mm, use 4-pin connectors and feature PWM controls.

Coolermaster Nepton 240M - Fans

Their rated speeds are of 800-2400RPM, with an airflow ranging from 16.5 to 76CFM, and a max noise-level of 27dbA.


Coolermaster ensured that the large swivel fittings on the waterblock wouldn't impede RAM memory installation, at least not for normal sized sticks. Large, tall radiator RAMs on a smaller motherboard might not get along that well with the 240M in this configuration.

Coolermaster Nepton 240M - Installed

Installing the 240M is not a difficult endeavour - and there should be no unforseen complications while mounting it:

1. Clip the plastic washers to the universal backplate before securing it to the motherboard;
2. Tighten the retention screws to the backplate;
3. Spread the thermal paste & screw in the appropriate bracket onto the waterblock;
4. Gently press down the copper base & screw it in;
5. Connect the pump 4-pin connector & the 4-pin fan connector to the appropriate header, and that should be it;

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