Closed-loop liquid cooler roundup: 9 AIO coolers reviewed

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Deepcool Gamerstorm Captain

Deepcool’s Gamerstorm Captain is an AIO liquid cooler designed to look impressive, but also run quietly. The backlit turbine like pump is impressive to look at, and the added clear tube running from it, is a nice touch.

Deepcool Gamerstorm Captain - Assembled


The aluminum radiator measures 274 × 120 × 27mm – similar in size and design to Thermaltake’s & Coolermaster’s variants. It can accommodate 2x 120mm fans, and has a similar radiator to Coolermaster, and Antec with a FPI count of 22 fins per inch and 12 channels.

Deepcool Gamerstorm Captain - Radiator

A coupler is present next to the tubing, with a warranty-voiding seal, just like the one used by Coolermaster Nepton.


There are two things that make Captain stand out. The first is the interesting waterblock / pump combo, the other are the thin corrugated FEP tubes running from it. Compared to Coolermaster who uses the same tube type, Deepcool’s AIO tubing is almost half in diameter.

Deepcool Gamerstorm Captain - Tubing

These connect to the pump via swivel fittings, and to the radiator via sealed fixed ones. Their length could be better, since the tubes are limited to only 300mm in length.

Pump & Waterblock

Like Raijintek, Deepcool’s Captain has a very unique pump / waterblock combo,which features a striking reactor-style housing, with a transparent connection that showcases liquid flow. 

Deepcool Gamerstorm Captain - Pump

The zirconia ceramic-bearing pump has a rated lifespan of 120.000 hours, which means about 13 years, a higher figure than any other AIO on this list.

Deepcool Gamerstorm Captain - Copper Base

As is the case, the waterblock features a heavily polished copper base. On the other end, the cold-plate features a 0.2mm high density skived fin area.


Two FDB 120mm fans are included in the package. These have a rated lifespan of 100000 hours, and are wrapped in in a TPE layer that reduces a lot of vibration at high RPM.

Deepcool Gamerstorm Captain - Fans

Featuring PWM controls, they have a rated speed between 200RPM to 2200, and an airflow of up to 182.24CFM. 


The large waterblock / pump could cause some clearance issues on smaller motherboards, but on our system, we had no issues.

The installation procedure is not necessarily complicated, but there is one problem I have with it. To connect the AIO to the motherboard, you have to use the four plastic extenders, which might seem durable enough, but simply do not have the same durability metal extenders would.

Deepcool Gamerstorm Captain - Installed

This is particularly important since the cooler needs pressure when mounted to the CPU:

1. Use the right insets and attach the backplate to the motherboard;
2. Mount the standoff studs onto the cooling block;
3. Place the mounting bracket on top of the pump and screw it in tightly;
4. Connect the pump 4-pin connector to & the fans’ 4-pin connector to the appropriate header;

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