Closed-loop liquid cooler roundup: 9 AIO coolers reviewed

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ID Cooling Frostflow 240L

This year, ID Cooling joined the AIO fray by releasing the Frostflow 240L - a custom designed and built liquid cooler. While the fans might look slightly similar to those Corsair’s AF120 fans – the all-in-one is rather unique, both in specifications and overall looks.

ID Cooling Frostflow 240L - Completed


The aluminum radiator measures 274×120×27mm – also similar in size to Thermaltake’s & Coolermaster’s variants. It can accommodate 2x 120mm fans and has an FPI count of about 22 fins-per-inch and 12 channels.

ID Cooling Frostflow 240L - Radiator

No coupler is present either on the radiator or on pump / waterblock, which means that you’re not able to supplement the coolant or expand the AIO at a later date.


Frostflow 240L uses EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber that can handle temperatures of up to 150 °C, and has a relatively high resistance to chemical exposure.

ID Cooling Frostflow 240L - Tubing

Unlike Thermaltake’s tubing – Frostflow’s tubing has a textured look and is more rigid – which makes it even more resistant to kinks and blockages, but also harder to work with. The maximum length is of about 315mm, a decent length that shouldn't cause any issues while mounting the radiator.

Pump & Waterblock

240L has a custom-designed pump able to move up to 95L of coolant per hour at a noise-level of 25dBA. It comes with an expected lifespan of 50.000 hours, or somewhere around 6 years of continuous use.

ID Cooling Frostflow 240L - Pump

When powered on – a circular running LED array dubbed “Comet-Tail” illuminates the top of the pump. The waterblock features a pure-copper skived fin area for coolant to draw heat away from the block.

ID Cooling Frostflow 240L - Copper base


Inside the package, there are 2x red & black hydraulic-bearing fans, with rubber vibration dampeners. These come with a rated fan speed of 800 - 2000RPM, and an airflow of 84.5CFM.

ID Cooling Frostflow 240L - Fans

These are 120x 120x 25mm, use 4mm connectors and feature PWM controls. The noise rating is 20~38.2dBA.


ID-Cooling offers a thoroughly detailed step-by-step installation manual, though even without it the installation shouldn’t pose any kind of trouble to anyone who mounted a CPU-cooler in the past.

ID Cooling Frostflow 240L - Intalled

The relatively small sized waterblock / pump shouldn't cause any kind of trouble with the installation, as there is plenty of clearance, even on the smaller, tightly packed motherboards.

1. Install the universal backplate – by sliding the screws appropriate for the type of slot in the backplate – the manual lists which socket goes where;
2. Screw the mounting AMD / Intel installation bracket onto the block;
3. Add thermal paste, align the copper blasé and secure it via included thumbscrews;
4. Connect the pump 4-pin connector to & the fans’ 4-pin connector to the appropriate header;

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