Closed-loop liquid cooler roundup: 9 AIO coolers reviewed

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The first graph will showcase the Idle temperatures, which show everything is running smoothly. Under, you will find the graph for load-temperatures, since these matter the most. Lastly, there's the noise - which showcases how much noise these coolers put out when they struggle to keep the CPU under.


Liquid Cooler round-up - Temperatures Charts Idle Auto


For most end-users, opting to choose max RPM and have the cooler run like a turbine continuously is not an option. Instead, the auto options should be enough for almost every situation. Therefore, this is the graph with auto-settings on, the CPU under pressure - and how noisy the AIO gets.

Liquid Cooler round-up - Chart Temp vs Noise


Fractal Design's Kelvin S24 seems to take the cake and eat it, though the difference between it and the second AIO is only half a degree. In fact, it was a close competition for the top 5 coolers, tighter than I've expected.

Liquid Cooler round-up - MAX RPM Charts Temp vs Noise

Noise levels

It's clear silence and all-in-one coolers don't mix. The most silent AIO is clearly audible and several dB(A) over its air counterpart. Not only that, but the worst performer - Antec's H20 1250 has this loud droning sound at maximum RPM that you will hear even inside a noise-isolating chassis.

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