Closed-loop liquid cooler roundup: 9 AIO coolers reviewed

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Silverstone TD02-E

Silverstone has developed their new Tundra series all-in-one coolers over their original models. As such, these custom designed AIOs have several features that set them apart from most other liquid coolers on the market.

Silverstone TD02 - Liquid AIO

However, unlike the original TD02, the E edition has learned a trick or two from Asetek and CoolIt, which should make them a bit more user-friendly.


The first change over the previous TD02 cooler is the radiator size. TD02 had a custom designed aluminium radiator that had a thickness of 45mm, which made it difficult to install in smaller enclosures. TD02-E opted instead to use a far more common dimensions the 27 x 273 x 120mm radiator. 

Silverstone TD02 - Radiator

Like the TD02, 02-E uses a different soldered fin technology that allows the liquid to have direct contact with the cooling fins. This alone should increase the overall surface area and make the 27mm radiator still superior to similar sized counterparts. Also worth noting is that there is no coupler present, either on the radiator or the waterblock.

Waterblock & Pump

The waterblock has also seen an upgrade over the previous structure, with a nickel-plated aluminium shell that increases durability and prevents damage.

Silverstone TD02 - pUMP

The copper base comes with a screw-less design, and has a decent level of polish. On the other side, the cold-plate features a 0.2mm skived fin area, akin to what we previously checked.

Silverstone TD02 - Copper Base


Silverstone replaced TD02’s white FEP tubing with 12mm thick PA rubber tubes, of 310mm length.

Silverstone Tundra TD02 - Tubing

These are connected via swivel fittings to the pump, and fixed ones to the radiator. Their length is only of 310mm.


The sleeve-bearing fans are the only element that did not see an upgrade from the past generation.

Silverstone Tundra TD02 - Fans

These feature PWM controls, have a rated speed between 1500 to 2500RPM, and an airflow of up to 92.5CFM.


In terms of clearance, TD02-E doesn't eat up a lot of space, and should be relatively easy to install even on smaller motherboards. The radiator, while the metal bit is only 27mm thick, the added nylon coating adds several mm to its overall girth, which shouldn't cause a large problem in larger enclosures, but could make things really crowded in tiny spaces.

Silverstone TD02 - Installed

As long as you follow the manual, the installation procedure shouldn’t be that difficult.

1. Install the backplate onto the motherboard and slip the standoffs;
2. Mount the Intel clips and tighten the nuts;
3. Attach the waterblock’s base and place it onto the CPU;
4. Secure the spring screws and connect the waterblock and fan connectors onto the relevant MOBO connectors;

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