Acer XR341CK monitor review - Ultra-wide and curvy

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As FreeSync and G-Sync become ubiquitous, gaming screens are suddenly a main focus for most monitor manufacturers. Acer is one such driver at the moment, pushing the envelope on what this new technology can offer. Such is the nature for one of their latest releases, the curved XR341CK.

Acer has come swinging as the new generation of gaming monitors reached the market. Excluding companies like ASUS and BenQ, few companies managed to bring as many excellent gaming screens to the market – and fewer still have done it as well as Acer. Most gaming monitors released the past year use high-end TN panels, standard aspect ratio and resolutions of 2.5K (2560x1440) or 4K (3840x2160) respectively. However, we’ve finally seen some high refresh-rate IPS panel screens too – such as Acer’s XB270HU – with G-Sync at the helm, or Eizo's Foris FS2735 that uses AMD's FreeSync.

 Acer -XR341CK - Monitor

In the past year, another type o' monitor made its presence familiar, namely the ultra-wide screen that offers a 21:9 aspect ratio – and usually comes with a large screen-space of about 34 inch. There are several standard flat ultra-wide beasts to be had, like Dell's U3415W or AOC's U3477PQU, but of late, curved models have also seen the light of day. On paper, the curvature adds immersion and additional comfort, that is, if you're at the right angle in front of them.

Now, curved 34 inch monitors specifically targeted at gamers are popping up, and Acer is leading the charge. The first one to be released is the XR341CK bmijpphz, a 34” curved beast built around an IPS panel, with a maximum refresh rate of 75Hz and full AMD FreeSync support.

Let’s see how it fares – and particularly if Acer’s venture in curved high-end gaming monitors is warranted.

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