Acer XR341CK monitor review - Ultra-wide and curvy

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As you might expect from a 34-inch, ultra-wide, curved monitor - the price-point is not one for budget users. Acer's XR341CK is currently priced at $1099, which puts it in the same price-range as LG's IPS powered 34UC97 or HP's Envy 34C. Yet, as it stands, Acer's XR341CK is the only stand-out ultra-wide curved monitor designed exclusively for gaming - so if you have that kind of budget - then the XR341CK is worth every penny.


With this "new" generation of monitors, Acer came swinging, and delivered a series of sleek, polished and beautiful monitors. The XR341CK is probably their pinnacle work at this point - a premium screen with a clean, polished design that sports some fantastic features. While its specs might give us some impression of its theoretical performance and traits, it only gets better once its on the desk.

As flaws, I cannot say that I have any. Except maybe a few more adjustability options - there's really nothing you can fault this monitor at. The color fidelity is spot-on, excellent viewing angles - and even great contrast ratio.

Overall, the monitor's performance manages to make the whole package a worthy purchase - despite its rather steep asking price.

Pros Cons


- Excellent sRGB coverage;
- Great viewing angles;

- Great image quality;
- Excellent contrast;



- Lack of adjustability options;



Build Quality

9.2 8.9 Image-Quality


8.4 Design


9.3  Price & Value




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