Acer XR341CK monitor review - Ultra-wide and curvy

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First look

Unlike most other monitors, XR341CK comes in a small fridge-sized package, as inside it was already pre-assembled and bundled together. Sturdy foam is used to keep it in place – and for the most part, it shouldn’t have any kind of issues during shipping.

The monitor features a “borderless” black plastic bezel around the sides / top measuring close to 1.8mm in thickness. As is the case with most borderless panels – there’s another 10mm border before the image screen-space, which means the monitor has an edge measuring about 11.8mm around its sides.

The build is quite impressive – a mix of matte black plastic with aluminium trim. A glossy Acer logo rests in the middle of the lower bezel and a small Power indicator sits at the bottom right hand corner, glowing blue during operation and orange in stand-by. The OSD controls are located underneath the right bottom edge.

Acer -XR341CK - Rear

Turning to the back, we find a black glossy plastic shell – which is one of the things that boggle my mind. This glossy surface would look good for approximately 5 seconds, until every little dust filament in the room feels drawn to it. It’s clear that once sitting on the desk the backside will no longer be visible, but glossy surfaces are almost never a good idea.

The monitor stand, with its 3 large aluminium legs, is already attached at the back, screwed in place by 4 screws covered in four rubber fittings. The stand is a silver aluminium frame with black plastic central section, and provides a strong, sturdy and heavy base for the big display. It can be unscrewed if you want and the screen is VESA 100mm compliant for wall or arm mounting.

Acer -XR341CK - Stand

There are some ergonomic adjustments offered from the stand, with the main tilt and height adjustments being present.

The tilt function is smooth but quite stiff to move, but it does offer a wide range of angles to choose from as shown above. Height adjustment is also smooth but very stiff to move, to the point of almost having to force it to get it moving at all. At the lowest height setting the bottom edge of the screen is approximately 40mm from the edge of the desk. At the maximum setting it is ~190mm, and so there is a 150 mm total adjustment range available here. There are no side to side swivel or rotate adjustments offered.


Acer’s menu implementation is a hit and a miss. As all buttons are available under the right side corner, and there are no indications of what each is supposed to do, you are left with only the on-screen instructions. That shouldn’t be a problem in on itself, but it becomes one once the screen becomes cluttered with large options and features that have to be cycled through.

Acer -XR341CK - Menu

Pressing any of the buttons will bring up the quick-launch menu with corresponding controls. From here you will be able to access the Game-Controls, OD Overdrive settings, Volume Controls for the built-in speakers and input selection. Since the menu features only 5 buttons, the green arrow will lead to a second series of options that contain PiP / PbP modes and the main OSD. As I said, the system gets convoluted quickly.

 Acer XR341CK - Menu

The main menu offers a plethora of options to play with. Split into five different sections, it offers various adjustments from contrast, and brightness to more complex traits like color temperature, aspect ratio, and Game Mode. There are also 5 preset modes available at the bottom via the green “e” icon. These contain a series of five presets, each with different brightness / contrast settings. If you adjust any of them, it automatically reverts to User-mode, which means you cannot create custom profiles that you toggle through.

Connectivity options

From left to right, the monitors offers an HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 1.4 connection, mini-DisplayPort and DisplayPort in with DisplayPort out, power plug and headphone out.

 Acer -XR341CK - IO interface

On the other side, you have a powered USB hub with 2x USB 3.0 ports and 2x USB 2.0 ports.

Acer -XR341CK - USB


Acer uses a light anti-glare semi-glossy coating that isn’t heavy on image quality, with an AH IPS panel capable of producing 1.074 billion colors. The panel supports a standard 8-bit color depth with an additional frame-rate-control (FRC) expanding the support for 10-bit content and workflow.

 Acer XR341CK - Display Panel

Backlighting wise, XR341CK uses W-LED backlighting, which should offer a standard color gamut approximately equal to the sRGB color space.

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