Be Quiet! Silent Base 600 Window case review - Downsized!

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Unlike it's larger counterpart - with the Silent Base 600, what you see is what you get. The plastic additions are small by comparison - and the steel frame is far easier to reach. This means that several small changes had to be made to its overall shape to ensure it still has proper air-flow without added noise.

be-quiet Silent Base 600 - Right Panel

The side-panels are coated in noise-dampening material (identical to the one used by Silent Base 800).

be-quiet Silent Base 600 - Left Panel

The interior layout features 4 large orange grommets - matching the case's accents. The dedicated motherboard tray uses bumps instead of classic spacers to keep the MOBO in place.


When it comes to installation - the case supports the installation of up to 170mm or liquid heatsinks as large as 240mm (at the top), though keep in mind that the radiator has to be as thins as possible, if you still want access to the motherboard. For videocards, you can use one that measures up to 294mm (or 413mm if you remove the drive cage).

In terms of clearance, the case allows the installation of up 170mm tall CPU coolers or liquid cooling heatsinks as large as 280mm (at the top). For the graphics card, you can insert one measuring up to 290mm in length (or 400mm if you remove the drive cages). The PSU is bottom mounted, and there's ample space for an ATX sized one (up to 290mm.

be-quiet Silent Base 600 - Drive-Cage

Cable manangement space, is not as plentiful, so tucking all excess wiring behind might be a challenge.

I tried mounting a micro-ATX motherboard, with an Intel AMD FX5960 processor, and a Coolermaster Nepton 120XL liquid cooler. The GPU in use is an NVidia GTX 760 stock - not the most recent or powerful GPUs on the market, but clearly one capable and noisy enough for our system.

be-quiet Silent Base 600 - Installed

For storage - I only installed an SSD to the motherboard tray, and a 3.5" mechanical drive in one of the cages. Unfortunately, the enclosure supports fewer 3.5" and 2.5" drives - having 3 dedicated slots.

Since the height is significantly lower, the Silent Base 600 has very little space above the motherboard at its roof. Installing a liquid cooler like the 120XL actually proved a challenge, and will most assuredly cause some difficulty if I should ever need to install more RAM. 

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