Be Quiet! Silent Base 600 Window case review - Downsized!

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First look

Unlike its predecessor - the Silent Base 600 is a more budget friendly alternative. As such, the packaging itself is less flashy - though the chassis was wrapped in the same PVA fabric bag and sandwiched between polyurethane holders. Overall, a fairly standard package - but it does the job of keeping the case out of harm's way during shipping. 

Alongside the chassis, you also get a fairly extensive set of accessories - similar to the 800's, but not necessarily identical:

8x 6-32 Round head screws;
12x M3 HDD screws;
12x M3 x 8 Flat head screws;
4x #6-32 x 5 Flat head screws; 
6x M3 x 5 Round head screws;
4x #6-32 Hex head screws;
4x #6-32 x30 Flat head screws;
6x Rubber rail;
2x Standoff;
2x Cable tie long;
2x Cable tie short;
1x Cable tie holder;

The case

Overall, Silent Base 600 is very similar in style to its older brother, sharing the overall shape, color accents and even traits as well as design elements (like the oversized button at the top). Upon closer inspection however, it becomes obvious that these similarities are only skin deep.

be-quiet Silent Base 600 - Isolation 

Silent Base 800 was a steel frame chassis sandwiched between two large plastic elements. Meanwhile, the Silent Base 600 only comes with the frame and a metal top. A far more classic design than the original. 

The front-panel is still split in two, with the top-side providing access to the 5.25" drive-bays. However, the bottom half is fixed this time - though a large dust filter covering the Silent Wings fan is still present, and can be slid upwards for cleaning. Also worth noting is that be quiet! added an embedded fan-controller with three speed adjustment options included: low, medium and high.

be-quiet Silent Base 600 - Fan Controller 

Turning to the top, you have a small LED sitting right next to the edge that doubles-down as a Reset button. Next to it, the backlit, square, oversized Power Button is present, though this time it no longer has the orange contour. The front IO has been moved right next to the front-edge, and sits ahead of the Reset button. You have 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 as well as 3.5mm headphone and microphone ports. Unlike the original, there is an indent right in the middle followed by rear cut-outs that are designed for proper air-flow.

be-quiet Silent Base 600 - Front Panel 

The focus on noise isolation is still there, from noise dampening side-panels to rubber covers on the Pure Wings silent fans, and even the inclusion of rubber rails for the 3.5-inch drives. 

The side panels are similar to the Silent Base 800's, the same middle cut-out for fan mounting on the right panel - and the large window onto the left panel are present. In fact, if there weren't samller - one might be led to believe they could be interchangeable. 

 be-quiet Silent Base 600 - Right Side

The double glazed polycarbonate window provides a great view of the insides - and is of the exact same size of the Silent Base 800. It's made out of the same material, which features great noise isolating properties, but also high scratch and impact resilience. Exactly as the 800, to further dampen vibrations carried to the window, be quiet! decoupled the window via an orange inset.

 be-quiet Silent Base 600 - Left Side

One could say, the Silent Base 600 is nothing more than a Silent Base 800 without the plastic sandwhich - bringing it to a more down to earth size. That's not entirely true, though turning to the rear, it becomes obvious that the top has been seriously, while the bottom has been completely removed, and in its stead the metal frame and 4 rubber standoffs are present.

The layout remains standard, with a PSU cut-out at the bottom, the MOBO expansion slots painted back, and even 3x liquid-cooling grommets present right under the 120mm intake fan.

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