Be Quiet! Silent Base 600 Window case review - Downsized!

  • Published in Case/ PSU reviews

Test Set-up

System Config


Intel Core i5-3340K @ 3.10GHz


Xigmantek Aegir


Biostar Z77x Hi-Fi


16GB DDR3-1600


OCZ Vertex 460 SATA III

Video cards

AMD Radeon R9 280X


Samsung SyncMaster 2433


Inwin Desert Fox 800W



There isn't much to test in an enclosure. For the Silent Base 600, I was interested in exactly the same traits as in the 800, respectively, highest Idle / Load CPU & MOBO temperatures inside a sealed chassis, and compare the results with those in an open test-bench.

The load benchmarks consisted of Prime 95 and Furmark, while the temperature was registered by RealTemp 3.7, Hardware Monitor and SpeedFan 4.49.

The second thing I was interested in was the overall noise level with a sealed enclosure.

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