AMD Teams Up with Tencent Games to Bring Realistic Audiovisual to Online Gamers

AMD announced its collaboration with Tencent Games to optimize Monster Hunter Online (MHO), enabling superior performance on AMD Radeon graphics cards. AMD and Tencent Games have been working together closely to deliver enhanced graphics performance and a realistic audiovisual experience for gamers, helping to push online gaming into the 4K era.

The announcement follows AMD Corporate Vice President Ron Myers, Tencent Games Product Group GM Lingdong Huang, MHO China Producer Weishi Tao, CAPCOM President Haruhiro Tsujimoto and CAPCOM EXEC Managing Director Yoshinori Ono's joint announcement of the highly anticipated title's November 27 launch at Tencent Games Carnival (TGC) 2015.


The optimizations will significantly boost gamers' experience with:

- Optimized TressFX render technology: Monsters will come to life with more natural hair, for the ultimate realism in gaming. The optimization is planned to be completed by the end of January 2016, and will be integrated into the game through game patches.
- Optimized Radeon™ graphics' unique multi-display Eyefinity technology: Gamers can expand their visual fields for magnificent battle scenes with multi-display usage models
- Optimized AMD graphics drivers: AMD's new Radeon Software Crimson Edition as well as AMD Catalyst™ drivers beyond 15.10 offer enhanced stability and performance on AMD Radeon graphics for the game

AMD and Tencent will also collaborate on the joint marketing promotion of MHO in China, including the ongoing first pan-entertainment contest co-sponsored by Tencent, AMD and Sapphire including i-Café and university campus promotions.

AMD will also offer customized PCs and graphics cards for Monster Hunter Online in Mainland China.

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