Logitech G633 gaming headset review - RGB sound

Over the past year, Logitech has revamped its gaming-oriented G-series, updating most of its peripherals with a new look & features to boot. Take the G633, the spiritual successor to G35, a headset that can compete with headsets like HyperX Cloud II or Steelseries Siberia V3. Does it hold up? Let’s take a look.

Logitech has worked tirelessly to create a new, more “modern” looking series – since their entire line-up, while excellent, was lagging behind the yearly releases that Razer, Corsair, Steelseries had been coming up with. These new models follow the G502 Proteus Core & G910 Orion Spark, sharp, with an “edgy” design, and loads of colors everywhere.

Still, despite their flashy aesthetic, Logitech has worked a lot on developing these models – and there is some impressive technology behind them. After all, G502 has one of the best sensors on the market, and Orion Spark with Romer-G key-switches is an excellent build (if only the keycaps featured classic shape, but one can only dream).

Logitech G633 - Product Image

G633 is the wired alternative to the G933 – filling in the $100-200 ever-increasing gap. Since its price-point is relatively high – tit has some stiff competition, both from headsets and from headphones paired with a third-party microphone (like a modmic for example). With that being said, Logitech has some extensive history with gaming peripherals, and the new G-series cans come up with a heavy set of features, which might be enough to keep it ahead of its competitors.

So let’s take a thorough look, both at build-quality, sound & those features mentioned above, and see if Logitech’s G633 holds up, and if it’s worth the asking price.

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