Logitech G810 mechanical keyboard review - Orion returns

Logitech has worked on solidifying its G-series gaming peripheral series, recently releasing several mechanical keyboard models. One of its most recent additions is the G810 Orion Spectrum - an office friendly variant of the lumbering G910.

The G810 is a full-sized, RGB backlit mechanical keyboard that uses Logitech's proprietary Romer-G key-switches. The same words would be used to describe its older G-series entrant, the G910 - but the two keyboards are almost nothing alike. A different design mentality was used when building the G810, and as a result the mech is a lot more unassuming in its looks, though it still retains some gamer-centric functions and traits. The RGB LED still shines right at the core of the Romer-G switch, but the rainbow colored mech is mostly designed for a more non-gaming environment.

Logitech G810 - Product Image

As a result, the keyboard has a cleaner layout, the keycaps (thankfully!) no longer sport gamer-edges and the wrist rest is conspicuously gone. Besides the RGB lighting, there are no bells and whistles - except some added media-keys above the numpad. However, that's been a Logitech gaming keyboards staple since the old days of G15 - when mechanical switches were a relative novelty for the gaming market.

In more ways than one, Logitech has designed a keyboard that looks simpler than any of its other gamer-centric models. In fact, it sports a look that's more akin to a Ducky Shine 3 than a G-series peripheral. That being said - it's still a great addition to the line-up, and it definitely is far more typist friendly than the G910 (or the tenkeyless G410).

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