Logitech G810 mechanical keyboard review - Orion returns


Logitech features an unified software package that allows you to customize G810 lighting, Profiles, and even create some macros and assign them to the F-keys. If you have another Logitech device, the two peripherals can interact with one another. Though the software is not mandatory to use the mech as the keyboard runs just fine out of the box with no installed drivers, it is necessary to access and use the "gamer" friendly traits.

Logitech G810 - Software

The main window showcases the mech layout, highglighting several customizable elements (which also correspond to to the small icons at the bottom and the available menu items).


As G810 doesn't feature any dedicated macro keys, the F-keys are filling in. From F1 to F12 - they can be assigned a command, macro, shortcut and so on. Presets or configs can be dragged from the side menu and dropped on the graphic representation of each key. The soft also scans installed games and displays Profile icons at the top. It appareantly has built-in integration with Tom Clany's: The Division.

Logitech G810 - Software Keys

If you decide to create or customize new commands, all you have to do is open the Command Editor and there you'll be able to add custom keystrokes, combos, Functions, Ventrillo commands and Windows hotkeys


The backlighting settings for G810 are very similar to G910's. The keyboard layout showcases the lighting effects and under it you have a menu with all the available modes. Currently, the keyboard has: freestyle, zones, commands, and effects. Each of these opens a certain type of sub-menu that contains the customziation options for the mech.

Zones allows you to create and assign groups of keys to share the same lighting color you prefer.

Logitech G810 - Software Lighting

Command Lighting triggers a preset or user-defined key-lights when the game is launched (Note: said game must be recognized by Logitech Gaming software).

The Effects Tab contains several sub-menus for dynamic key-backlighting, such as breathing & star effect, color cycle and color wave, each with their own small sub-menus.

Input analysis

Last but certainly not least - the software includes a heatmap and KPM tool built into the software. What's neat about it is that it highlights each key by the amount of times you have pressed it.

Logitech G810 - Heatmap

After a recording session, the graph doesn't change, but keys change colors according to the key-presses, with a circular showcasing the number of key presses and key-duration. The legend and graident can be changed by clicking one of the icons to the right of the legend.

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