Legend Of Arthur is rendered on AMD FirePro W9100 cards

Legend of Arthur comes to life thanks to hi-tech wizardry from AMD and D/Labs giving viewers a new reality experience. Developed on AMD FirePro W9100 installed in Dell Poweredge servers the project blends both cutting edge GPU technology with theatrical entertainment.

Major French musical show by Dove Attia, "The Legend of King Arthur: when love changes the course of history" was a hit right from its première at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, before going on tour in France, Belgium, and Switzerland. The director, Giuliano Peparini, uses digital technology to create magical effects and 3D virtual scenery. To respond to this challenge he called on D/Labs, a specialist in digital scenery and innovative video systems, such as advanced 3D video mapping and complex LED installations.

"The Legend of King Arthur drew on three areas of our business: content creation (design studio), technical design and realization. Several challenges had to be overcome to achieve the desired effect for the ambitious production – the medium, the project's scale, and also our SMODE software, developed using AMD FirePro W9100 cards, installed in Dell Poweredge servers and Dell Precision workstations," explains Thomas Besson, D/Labs' co-founder.


The scenery movement seems very simple and fluid to the viewer. And this is just what the show's director and producer want. Most contemporary shows use video effects, but generally the projected content has already been created in a studio before the event. Thanks to 3D real-time technology, the innovative software developed by D/Labs can follow moving objects or parts of the set. "Real-time 3D has proved indispensable. In fact it is not possible to calculate the images in advance, because you never know when the panels will move," stresses the co-founder Thomas Besson. "Real-time 3D is generated by AMD cards built into Dell Precision computers and workstations. D/Labs uses AMD's highest specification product, the FirePro W9100 card."

The cutting edge AMD FirePro W9100 graphics card is the only one to currently offer 16 Gb of ultra-fast GDDR5 memory, a 512-bit interface, 320 Gb/s bandwidth and six simultaneous video outputs. It is a highly efficient way of editing and managing the 4K (or ultra high definition) video combining multiple real-time effects, while keeping textures and colors faithful.

"We have been using GPUs (cards and graphic processors) for many years," reports Thomas Besson. "We started using this platform almost fifteen years ago. Then we tried several competitor solutions, but after all that we came back to AMD. They now embody a major advantage for our business, both financially and for our work associated with the theatrical world (multi-outputs, size of memory, etc.). The capacity of these cards is of interest to us, but AMD provides us with great performance and price solutions. Finally, we value the expert attention and support that AMD has provided to us as a valued customer. Their expertise in graphics technology has helped us be successful to get the most out of the AMD FirePro products."

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