Brainwavz Hengja headphone hanger - Strengthened hanging

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In the past year, BrainWavz has expanded its product line-up, not only with headphones & IEMs but also with a pair of headphone hangers - the Hooka & Hengja. In this review, let's take a closer look at the desk / book-case hanger Hengja.

Headphone stands & hangers are relatively common audio accessories - and there are plenty of options that look and feel sturdy enough. Some are simple budgeted versions, while others are intricately designed models that look impressive and have an on-par price-point. Brainwavz's designs definitely do not fall in the latter category. After all, the company has a reputation for releasing affordable products that somehow manage to outshine far more expensive competitors. As such, the Hengja is built like a tank, with a complete metal design. There are no sharp edges, nor any over-build elements that'd hinder it's purpose.

BrainWavz Hengja - Product Image

The stand is compact but should be able to hold both large and small headphones. It's also light enough that it wouldn't leave a dent or have a hard time remaining clamped to the desk's side - no matter how large or heavy the cans are. A rubber pad under the top clamp provides provides some grip - though alas, the bottom shining clamp does not have any padding.

The package contains an allen wrench on one end a flat head screwdriver on the other. The tool is added first to tighten the clamps together, but also to swap between vertical and horizontal clamping. As I said, if properly tightened the hold is stable enough - though the silver-sided clamp might leave a dent.

Build & Design

The build is entirely metal (with the rubber padding being the only other material in use). The metal in use is an aluminium alloy, blending durability with light-weight design. Each of the pieces fit well together, almost too well asthe build seems to be made from one single solid chunk. However, with a bit of effort, you may be able to uncouple everything into its base-parts.

BrainWavz Hengja - Side

Thing is, while the design interesting, there are some flaws to be had. First, it's the whole silver-clamp not having additional padding, but having plenty of clamping distance - as that may cause some dents in the furniture. As the workmanship is exceptional, the problem is it only fits with a handful of desks, bookshelves and other surfaces - and you should thoroughly research if you could use it before purchasing it. 

BrainWavz Hengja - Attached

I was relatively lucky as I was able to strap it to the desk, though that was about it. It's "arms" tighten well enough. If the surface you want to strap it to, is even slightly thicker than (41mm standard) or 52mm if you remove the silver arm entirely, then Hengja is not going to be be very usable. Of course, once in place is fixed and remains completely immobile - but you have to get there to begin with.

BrainWavz Hengja - Front

As for the headphone side, it features a slight curvature designed to fit the headband shape of most headphones. The headphone rest also doesn't have any sharp edges (like SilverStone's EBA03's otherwise excellent stand) that you'd have to worry about.

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