Brainwavz Hengja headphone hanger - Strengthened hanging

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BrainWavz is known for its budget IEMs - and its hangers & headphone stands are not in any more expensive. The Hengja is available for only about $15.00 and for that price, most of its faults seem inconsequential.

Closing thoughts

Consider this, if you're looking for a cheap & sturdy desk-hanger - then Hengja is one of the better alternatives out there. The fact that it could be strapped to either vertical or horizontal surfaces is an interesting selling point.

Fact is, there are plenty of headphone stands and hangers - and BrainWavz's one manages to stand out in price point and build-quality. It has some short-comings, but its still worth checking it out if you want to reduce clutter.


Build Quality

9.0 8.8 Design



Price & Value




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