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 Batman The Telltale Series


Some days ago I was surfing on the internet searching for the latest gaming news and a title known to me appeared as a highlight. It's the one and only Batman. I knew that Telltale Games, the guys behind the praised The Walking Dead game are working on an adaptation of everyone's favorite bat, but I totally forgot about it's release date.

I was busy with other things, more personal to me and I was away from games for a while. When I saw that the first episode of Batman – The Telltale Series will come out just the following day I knew I found a way to start playing games again after this break I had. I wasn't able to get it first day, but I have it now and this is my review of this game. I am very excited about it and I want to give you and insight view before taking the decision to buy it.

I guess all the fans of the series are pretty familiarized with the story of Batman. Well, the folks at Telltale Games take this story even further giving us a very nice developed plot twist that will surely keep us excited and curious about what's next. At least for me they did. I can't give too much details about the story without spoiling your experience, but long story short our hero is caught into some troubles and the past comes back after him.

Gone are the near sci-fi days of Batman. Now the story is a more serious one and you will really get hooked up with it. It's very well written and you will really get feelings and start to care about Batsy's fate the more you ramble through it.


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