No Man's Sky review - a walk between the stars

No Mans Sky

The universe. This is the only thing comparable to No Man's Sky hype before its release. This game was delayed, rumoured to be cancelled, developers threatened with death by crazy fans and the story can go on. It is finally here and I had the chance to play it. I enjoyed some parts but hated others. Come with me in this adventure to find out more about No Man's Sky.

As you may know, the game is an indie title that puts you in the flesh and bones of an interstellar adventurer. You will travel with your ship throughout the univerese to find various planets and their vegetation and fauna. You have no other objective than venturing in a road that will be randomly generated in front of you. Every planet is special in its way and if you are the type of man who like to visit new surroundings you will have a great time.


As the story goes, everybody has its own and this makes the game special. Nobody will start on the same planet or even galaxy with someone else, nobody will take the exact steps of someone else's story and the actions you do define your story. Also, the various planets you will visit are hosting ancient monuments. Those will tell you a story about Atlas, an entity you will see as the creator of the universe from what the game tells you. You will have to get to the center of the universe guided by pieces of lore left by Atlas but when you get there nobody knows what you will find. On the otherside, you don't know how long it will take for you to get to the center of the universe.

There are no cut-scenes to tell you a story and you might think that there's no story at all, but you will find language story and monoliths that will give you clues to what your meaning is in the game's world. After all the game is about exploration and adventuring into the unknown so you have to be creative. Once with this creativity comes the story and the fact that you can write yours as you want is astonishing.


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