Battlefield 1 Open Beta - A quick peek to what will come

Battlefield 1 Open Beta

As you may already know, the guys at EA released Battlefield 1 Open Beta free of charge for any Origin user, but for a limited period. I was one of those who wanted to get a bit of the Battlefield 1 experience earlier so I downloaded the Beta and I will tell you, my dear readers what I like and what I don't like about the game at this stage of development.

Let's start with what we get in this Beta. You are able to play two game modes, Conquest and Rush. Both are not new to the series and fans will be familiar with them. For the new ones out there Conquest is a flag based game mode where you must capture and hold the most flags in order to get to the point limit. The game can hold a maximum of 64 players and you will be able to use pretty much anything in order to win, from guns to horses and tanks. Rush on the other side, is a game mode where a team has to defend two sites and the other team has to plant the bomb. After the two sites were destroyed, you will move to a new zone, closer and closer to the main base. I personally like Rush more, no reason involved but it just gets me faster.

The weapons are divided by classes and every class has its specific choices. There is the class Assault which focuses on close to medium quarter combat. Rifles and handguns with grenades and anti-tank gadgets are the main point of this one. Other classes are Support, with Light Machine Gun weapons, Medic with pretty powerful weapons and first aid kits and Scout, a long range class with powerful sniper rifles which involve a stealth approach of the game. You will probably settle and learn how to use one of this classes at its best at the beginning of the game but with the time you will master all of them and learn which one to use and when.

Battlefield 1 Open Beta 1

As the gameplay goes it is similar to the previous titles of the series but this is not something bad. Being a Beta, I can't give a verdict on this one but I predict that it will be just as good as previous ones if not better. As nice additions to the gameplay so far are the horses. I just love to ride on the horse and shoot the bolt action rifle or swing my sword around. Apart of that I felt that the combat is a bit more dynamic. Maybe it's just the map or something else involved but gone are the days when you were running alone and only an enemy sniper would smash you from far away. Now the combat is animated, explosions are everywhere and you will find an enemy very often. The World War 1 is a nice scenario for this game and this adds a new feel in an over-saturated modern shooter game offer.

As balance in the game goes I will have some things to reproach to the devs. The Scouts and their Sniper Rifles are way overpowered and can break the balance of the game very fast. The Support class is pretty much useless and I haven't seen too many players to use this. The SMG weapons on the Assault class are a bit weaker than expected but those are minor tweaks that needs to be done in order to balance the game more and give the user a more enjoyable experience. I hope DICE will fix this and give us a game to play for many years to come.

I am very curious about the story and I expect it to be good. Hopefully it will have some personal things in it and it will not focus only on historical events that already happened in real life. I am hyped about the game after I played the Beta and I know that it will be a good game. I am gonna talk a bit about the graphics, sound and optimization on the next page. What are you waiting for? See you on the other side.


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