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The other day I was playing some Counter Strike when I got a message from my Senior Editor asking me if I want an Alpha copy of a game called For Honor. I didn't knew what to except because everything I've seen about it was a little teaser and nothing else. I agreed and here we are. To find out if this game is promising or it's just another recycled title stay with me for the rest of the article.

Well, well. As he gave me the code I went to Uplay, activated and downloaded the game. At first I was in doubts whether I will like this game or not because I am not a big fan of hack'n'slash games but something made me play more and more. And don't get me wrong, I would still have played the game even if it was rubbish because I had to but For Honor kept me in front of my screen for a few hours and I don't regret a minute of these. Even if the game still is in the Alpha stage I was very excited about the amount of content I had at my disposal. From a few fighter classes to a lot of customization items and three maps, this one had them all. It even gives you a little tutorial to accommodate with the basics and the new unique features which it includes.

Anyways, let's start with what is important. When you launch the game you are greeted by a movie. This explains in big parts what happens in the game. Even though it's pretty irrelevant for the game in it's actual stage this little story could lead to a nice experience in the full game. Also in the movie you will see the classes of warriors you can use in battles. There are three different classes, all divided in four sub-categories and the main ones are The Samurais, The Knights and The Vikings. Every of this class has it's strong points and it's weak one. Also, there are three game modes which are categorized by the number of players involved in a match. There is the classic 1v1 Duel, 2v2 Brawl and 4v4 Dominion. From those three game modes I enjoyed 4v4 the most because it's more immersive and reminds me a bit of Free To Play games like League of Legends where among the players there are some minions that will help you in battle, more or less.

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Ok, so let's talk about the game modes for a bit. I guess you already figured out what 1v1 is like. There's you and a random opponent, or a bot in case you choose to play offline, in a three out of five battle. You won three rounds, game over, you won. Then there is the 2v2 Brawl. The things are pretty exciting here if I think about it. There you are again with a team-mate and two opponents. Each one of you will fight one versus one in as kind of duel but the catch is that if you kill you opponent you will have to wait until the fight between the other one and your mate is over. If your team-mate dies, you will face his killer with the amount of life you were left after the battles. And finally we reached my favorite game mode, the 4v4 Dominion. This is very interesting in my opinion because there are two teams. The attackers and the defenders. Let's see the things from the attacker's perspective. You will have to kill the enemy minions to capture the center flag which is B every time. In the meanwhile A and C will be attacked and guarded only by players. You will have to kill the enemy players in order to capture a zone. This is very much like Battlefield or Call of Duty capture the flag modes minus the fire weapons and plus some minions.

Another thing I enjoyed about the game is the customization. Even though this does not help you in battle, you can create your own badges and flags and so on by using the in-game editor. It gives the game a bit of uniqueness and gives you the chance to have a personal contribution to the player you are controlling. You can also upgrade your weapons and armor with loot found in-battle. Well, this doesn't means that you have to scavenge around for those items. Instead they will be dropped at the end of a battle and I noticed a pattern about this. If you win, your chances to get something good are bigger but if you lose, you can get nothing.

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