Mafia III and the story of a broken dream

Mafia 3 Fail

Being a mob isn't an easy task. Life sometimes can be a pain and you encounter a lot of problems. The same is available for Mafia III. I hoped that somewhere near this time I would have been able to come up with a review for the game but the odds were against me. Continue reading this article to find out why there is no review yet and maybe take a decision whether to buy it or not.

As many of you I was hyped about this game and I was very eager to play it and write an article where I would point the strong aspects of the game but life can decide for you so here we are. I am writing my complaints in those following rows and I am waiting for the next patch in the hope that it will make the game playable. Ok, let's start with the beginning. I downloaded the game, I installed whatever needed to play it optimal software wise and I hoped for the best. At first the game was preset at Optimal Settings which were the lowest ones with 1680x1050 resolution, my display's native resolution. Well, I tinkered the settings a bit and got a stable 30 FPS at Medium and High settings on 1366x768. All good considering that I have a budget PC and not a 1000$+ build. I was pretty satisfied with the settings but with a bad taste because I know that a well optimized game would run a lot better on my little PC.

This is where my problems started. I played through the first mission and after I saw the first cinematic, surprise! The game crashed with no error or notice at all. Just a clean quit to desktop. I said, well, maybe I touched something that I wasn't supposed to. Opened the game and the story repeats after the next cinematic. After that I reached at the point where I was sure that there is some software related problem and I restarted my PC and guess what?! Another unpleasant surprise. The game refused to launch at all after the restart. I said to myself, ok, I take a break, I play something else and I will be back later. After an hour or two, I managed to launch the game but the problems with post-cinematic crash is still persistent.

What can I say? A bad optimized game and a forced release by the publisher might be the case here. I don't know for sure, but for the moment one thing I know. At least for me the game is unplayable. Yes, I can play a mission, encounter a crash and play the next one, but I don't want to launch the game five times in one hour. After the game will be fixed it will be way too late for a review but when life don't give you lemons you can't make a damn lemonade...

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