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Shadow Warrior 2

In the last period of time there were a lot of game released but one that caught my eye was Shadow Warrior 2. I played the first title in the series and I enjoyed it much so I was very happy seeing that there is gonna be a sequel. I got my hands on this title and I knew that it is gonna be a great one considering the first title. If you want to find out how this one is join me in this adventure. Here we go!

Shadow Warrior 2 is the sequel of a very good title that Shadow Warrior was. The first one came by surprise and was kind of an indie title. It came as a remaster of the classic Shadow Warrior title by 3D Realms but the success that the first title got, brought us a sequel and I couldn't be more pleased by this. The titles themselves brought me a memory of Serious Sam and the coincidence makes that both Shadow Warrior titles are published by Devolver Digital, the guys behind the remasters of Serious Sam.


The story continues from where the first game left us. You are in the shoes of Lo Wang, a brave warrior with a full arsenal, a strange sense of humor and a sadistic thirst for blood. You are now working for Yakuza but the things don't go their way and you find yourself in a situation which involves saving the world and basic stuff like that. Not excited yet? Well, you should be 'cause the story is pretty good. At first I thought that it's gonna be a very dull storyline but once you advance you get caught by its flow. Yes, some situations are very predictable but that's ok because sometimes this could be a strong point. Another thing I noticed about the story is that it is linked to the one from the previous title and not just that it's a continuation of it. Around your adventures in this title there will be references and characters from the first encounter of Lo Wang.

The character itself is an interesting one. His dirty jokes and dialogues in general remind me of Duke Nukem and his charisma. I really enjoyed playing as Lo Wang and I will come back to him from time to time if I feel the need of some fun action. Throughout the game you will find out more and more about the history of your character and you will meet many more in different situations. The world around this story is tailored nicely so the characters fit the locations, some of them are linked, you will be surprised by them at times and you will feel like being there for a bit.

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