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The game is currently marketed at 35.99$ for the standard version and 45.99$ for the Deluxe Edition. Considering the good aspects of the game and the time you will spend playing it I can say that it really deserves a 10/10 for value. You get somewhere around 8 hours of gameplay only for the story but you still have the co-op that will really get you if you have a buddy to spend a week-end with. Also, if you want 100% completion with all the secrets and collectibles done you will play over 15 hours. Even the price is low, the game is already part of some bundles so you get even better price to quality ratio.

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If you want a game to play after you come from school or from work and you want some good fun rather than involving into the story, Shadow Warrior 2 is for you. It can be fun, it can be easy or hard, it can be boring, but one thing is sure. It is a good game and for the price you'll be paying this is a must-have. It is a nice balance between a fun and a challenging game and it will keep you interested in it for a nice period of time. It takes it's predecessor and makes it better from many points of view. This alone should be a good enough argument for buying this one. I enjoyed it very much and I hope that you will like it too. I was Marinake and I am thankful that you are still reading these words. Until my next appearance, I wish you have a great day!




- Fast-paced gameplay;
- Very nice graphics;

- Fun dirty jokes;
- Reminds me of titles like DOOM and Serious Sam;

- Somehow repetitive;

- Can be short if you focus only on the main missions;


Aesthetic:   8.0


Storyline: 7.0

Sound:        8.0

Optimization:  9.0

Gameplay:  9.0

Price-point:    10




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