Shadow Warrior 2 Review - Step into the shadows


If this game excels at something this is the gameplay. It is a nice combination between run and gun games like DOOM and Serious Sam but mixed with a hack and slash part where the swords are very important. It's not something never seem before but it's implemented very well alongside the game's look and feel. You will spill blood, more than you think and what better way to do this if not with a hell lot of weapons? If you like using a lot of weapons, each with it's particularities, Shadow Warrior 2 got your back. You will find different weapons, each with it's strong points and drawbacks. At the beginning you get a sword, a revolver, an SMG and a shotgun and a kick start. Advancing into the game you'll find a lot of new weapons, more and more powerful with each level you get.

You can also upgrade your gear with a lot of abilities found spread across the map or dropped by the enemies you just killed. Those upgrades have different stats and you will get to a point where you will have a weapon for every specific situation. Let's say you encounter a boss fight where the boss is weak when it comes to fire protection. Better get that SMG you upgraded with fire bullets and burn damage and kill that bastard. Some of these abilities also apply to the character itself and to your co-op partner if you choose to go into an adventure with a friend.

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Another interesting feature of this game are its RPG elements. You will find a lot of dropped items, from ammo to abilities and various books to read related to the story. You can sell some of those items in order to get money for ammo, new weapons and new skills. I just mentioned skills. Those are nice additions to the abilities already available and they fit many situations. By far the most used one is healing. If you get low on health, you can use your chi to fill it up thanks to a skill. Another one is invisibility which is nice to have in situations where the enemies are just concentrated on a particular spot and you want to get away fast without engaging into a fight. You also have some combat skills like some spikes that impale enemies near you or a blast to hold them off for a while if you are reloading or just want to get away from troubles while caught into a corner or on a ledge. I found myself using these skills pretty often but it took me a while to learn how and when to use them.

The missions of this game are also in the style of RPG games. While you can focus only on main story missions, you also have the chance to play some secondary ones in order to level up Lo Wang and get better weapons or more money to spend on upgrades. Those missions are vary and they don't tend to become repetitive but as you advance through the story you will find them either boring or useless. You have a map where you can choose what you want to play next, be it main or secondary mission and this is also a way to track your progress, showing you what is new and what you already completed.

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