Shadow Warrior 2 Review - Step into the shadows


Starting off with the graphics I can say this game looks gorgeous. A lot of colors spread around your screen, nice textures and soft shadows. This game has them all. You will often find yourself staring at the environment or admiring your weapons because they just look nice. The flora looks real and I mean it. Vibrant colors and the attention to small details gives you the feeling of a nice finished game where the developers really cared about the user experience. The models of the characters are very nice and vary and the environments like interiors, open field or some cave will make you love this title. There aren't many words to describe this, more than amazing. Yes, I know it is not the most realistic game out here, but I really enjoyed the looks of it and considering it's a title from a small studio I can say that this is a very good job.

Shadow Warrior 2 02


Another thing I like in a game is when the sound just sync with everything you see. This gives a nice feeling to the game and emerges you into the action. I haven't found many games where the sounds are bad while the rest of the game is good and this is also the case here. The weapons have distinct sounds, the enemies are recognizable by the noises they make, the voices fit the characters and the music is nice. Speaking of music, you will notice it and in a good way. When there's a fight, the according music will start getting you hyped for the battle about to take place and keeps you in the mood for blood, rampages and pure action. In the menus, the ambient music is matching up the theme of the game and it's not too loud or too low. I can say that Shadow Warrior 2 sounds as good as it looks and this is a good remark.

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