Aqua Computer cuplex kyros NEXT review – aiming for the top

The water cooling world started to grow bigger in the last 2 years and that is great news for enthusiasts and modders, as the parts will get cheaper and more accessible.

The manufacturers are also trying to come with new and original designs, but also different construction material.

Today a new water block is born and its name is Cuplex Kyros NEXT. It is made by Aqua Computer and you can read its review right here.

The cuplex kryos NEXT will be available in over 90 variants for the release. The housings are made of copper, brass, Plexiglas GS and Delrin. These are available in the standard version, in the VARIO variant, in the VISION variant and in a VARIO-VISION variant. Nickel and PVD (anthracite) are available as surface coatings. The base plate is available in copper, nickel-plated copper and in .925 sterling silver.

We have the nickel plated variant.

The big news is about VARIO technology that perfectly adapts the cooler to the individual CPU. The protected VARIO technology divides the housing of the cooler into two parts. A movable inner part and an outer housing. The inner part can be adjusted at angle and position by the actuators at four points. These settings are transferred to the base of the cooler via a contact surface and deforms it in the range of a few hundredths of a millimeter

The advantage is that this adjustment can be performed during operation, from the outside. By rotating the four actuators user can optimize the shape of the base plate and check this by correspondingly decreasing core temperatures, live.

The coolers with VARIO technology are designed to prevent a damage to the cooler itself or the CPU. Each individual cooler is calibrated and the default setting (corresponding to the standard cooler) is marked by a laser engraving on each cooler. This allows the user to easily reset the cooler to its original delivery condition at any time.

VISION is a 32-bit microprocessor system with a computing power above the aquaero and an OLED display in a compact design. Now you are wondering how this is related to a CPU cooler?

The answer is simple: among other things VISION is integrated in variants of the cuplex kryos NEXT. The system is so compact that the cooler is only about 6mm longer and it provides a 128x64 pixel graphic display in the cooler. This display can receive and visualize data from the aquasuite software via USB or via aquabus. For example, the current CPU load or CPU temperature can be displayed. However, this is only a fraction of the functionality: VISION coolers have a highly accurate measurement for the water temperature. VISION can also monitor this data and display charts for example - even without a USB or aquabus connection. Also a flow sensor can be connected to VISION.





Aqua Computer cuplex kyros NEXT


INTEL: LGA 115x / 1366 / 2011

AMD: AM2+, AM3+, FM1, FM2

Material top

Nickel plated Cooper

Material base

Nickel plated Copper


2x G1/4


 x  x  mm





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