Call of Duty Infinite Warfare review - repeat and repeat

call of duty infinite warfare 2

After the bad hype this game received with its release trailer becoming the 2nd most disliked video on YouTube after Justin Bieber's song, Baby, it was the time that we'll test it to see if it lives up to that hype or if it's a good game. My expectations were pretty high considering that Call of Duty is one of my favorite game series but that doesn't mean that I am gonna ignore any problem. That being said, let's get it on!

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is the latest installment in the series and it took the future warfare even further this time. It's a big difference from where the series started in World War 2 and where it really shined with games like Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. This approach is an interesting one but the developers should've came with something really innovating to stand up from the crowd of games with similar style (I am talking about you Titanfall and Halo). About this particular game, I can say that it started with the wrong foot because its trailer was unveiled at the same time with the one of Battlefield 1 and the differences were huge. Also a bad launch time at two weeks after Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 and various optimization issues and platform problems where Windows Store users were unable to play alongside Steam users gave this title a little handicap but I was still hyped about it. Old habits die hard.


One word can describe the experience I had while playing the story of this game and that is dull. The futuristic space sci-fi thing is long gone but Infinity Ward didn't seem to care. They just went with it and they did it bad. Full of cliches, very predictable and in the majority of time boring, the story is a big let-down from a series that delivered some great narratives in the past. I understand that it's a trend to go into space and give the player a chance to explore new worlds without leaving the comfort of his house but at least do it enjoyable.

The things are like this. You are a soldier, you become captain, you have a robot and you fight the bad guys. Exciting, right? Yeah, I thought so. While the story have some good parts too, like the relationship with a non-human being (Similar to the one in Call of Duty Ghosts with Riley the dog) it's something we've already seen. I liked that they approached a more open way to play through the campaign, giving you the freedom to choose what missions do you wanna play and also offering some side-missions. Unfortunately, there is nothing more to say here. It looks like Infinity Ward are still living in 2010 and I can't blame them, that would've been a great release year for Infinite Warfare.

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