Aqua Computer kryographics Pascal water block review – prepare for immersion

The idea of liquid cooling is getting more and more into users minds and gain a lot of attention. There are some major advantages over air cooling, but also some disadvantages. First, the dissipation is 24 times better than air, so this leads to better cooling, but also silent operation. On the other hand, the cost of a custom loop is higher than an air cooler, but when you want a gorgeous and powerful gaming rig, some extra bucks will only bring the best cooling and appearance.

Today you can read the Aqua Computer kryographics Pascal water block review. This sample is for GTX 1070/1080 Founders Edition and I have an MSI GTX 1070 card waiting for the liquid immersion.


I’ve received the acrylic glass, nickel plated version, but there are other models as well, like copper version, black edition, etc. Just choose the one that fits your rig.


Aspect and build

Kryographics Pascal looks very nice, especially the nickel-plated version with the transparent acrylic glass that will offer a great colorful view to the liquid flow. The coolant will trip over the GPU, memory and VRM, dissipating heat from all the important areas. The glass shows the complete path of the liquid while the base is just a bit wider.


The inlet and outlet ports are horizontally and can be used on both sides of the block. The threads are G1/4. The header can be replaced by multi-GPU connectors, in case of need.

GPU and memory comes is direct contact with the water block, by using thermal paste, while for VRM there is a thermal pad in the box. Mounting threads have nickel plated brass spacers to prevent bending the card.


The kryographics Pascal is the first Aqua Computer water block to use a jetplate for the GPU area. Even more, the liquid flow is split in 3, after passing the GPU, to reduce flow resistance and offer better dissipation.

The box contains a bag with mounting screws, 2 sealing caps and a cross with 4 different heads for multiple purposes. The manual shows the exact steps for installation the block onto graphics card.




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