Broadcom announced that its end-to-end EPON ONU and OLT chipsets

Broadcom announced that its end-to-end EPON ONU and OLT chipsets and DML software are ready to be deployed in DPoE 1.0 environments. To achieve this product readiness, Broadcom collaborated with CableLabs, multi-system operators (MSOs) and industry OEMs on defining the requirements for the DPoE 1.0 specifications and played an instrumental role in co-authoring the standard, which will enable new business and mobile backhaul service opportunities for cable MSOs. CableLabs recently qualified DPoE 1.0 Systems and ONU products through its certification process.

Broadcom's EPON ONU and OLT chipsets work seamlessly with Broadcom's DML software, allowing cable operators to easily migrate their networks from 1Gbps to 10Gbps rates while preserving DOCSIS back-office operations. Broadcom continues to work with the industry and CableLabs to accelerate OEM time-to-market with standards-based, interoperable DPoE System equipment.


"The DPoE specifications represent a significant achievement on the part of CableLabs, cable MSOs and industry OEMs to create an open standard that achieves full vendor and equipment interoperability. This will further the growth of the cable industry by meeting the bandwidth needs of business users," said Greg Fischer, Broadcom Vice President and General Manager for Broadband Carrier Access. "As an early supporter of the technology, Broadcom has devoted significant resources to both the standardization process and our product portfolio to make DPoE technology available today."

The 1G EPON and 10G EPON access technologies offer the bandwidth, scale, and features required to deliver demanding business and mobile backhaul services. CableLabs DPoE 1.0 specification fully supports the DOCSIS provisioning processes, enabling new business connectivity services to be delivered cost-effectively over fiber access networks, yet managed similarly to conventional cable networks.

"Broadcom worked closely with cable MSOs and OEMs to contribute to the DPoE standard," said Ralph Brown, CableLabs' Chief Technology Officer. "The company's work on interoperability (IOP) testing, reviews and completion of interim specifications and ATPs was instrumental to moving the DPoE specifications forward to enable multi-vendor interoperability of devices based on EPON technology."

"BrightHouse Networks' strategy to successfully introduce new business services requires a combination of the EPON fiber access solutions we have engineered and deployed since 2006, as well as interoperable standards to ensure cost-effective operations management and a larger ecosystem of product availability," said John Dickinson, BrightHouse Networks' Senior Director of Network Strategy and Architecture. "As a pioneer in IEEE EPON and DOCSIS standards, Broadcom was a clear choice for BrightHouse Networks and other MSOs, to collaborate with to define interoperable specifications and technology for the industry. The recent announcement of product qualifications reinforces the progress the industry has made and of the wide selection of interoperable products that are available to MSOs for this important segment of our business."

Key Features
• Broadcom supports DPoE solutions on both 1G and 10G EPON, including:
• TK3723 dual-port 1G EPON OLT, BCM55524 quad-port 1G EPON OLT, and BCM55538 octal-port 10G EPON OLT
• BCM55030 10G EPON ONU and TK3714 1G EPON ONU
• DML software

All Broadcom EPON, ONU and OLT systems-on-a-chip (SoC) and DML software supporting CableLabs DPoE 1.0 Qualification in CableLabs' Certification Waves 97 and 98 are currently available.


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