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ReviewStudio.net is a news / review outlet delivering overclocking and build guides, featured articles, detailed and thorough reviews, and up-to-date news on various subjects covering PC Hardware and Software, Gaming, Mobile, and Audio & Video.

The site was started as a joint project, with multiple editors from various Romanian outlets pitching in. The permanent staff, comprised of the editors below, has at least 4 years of experience in the field. Without any further ado, here's our permanent team:


Alex-Daniel "Bruno" Neacsu - Hardware Reviewer and Editor-in-Chief Bruno

Hardware, Mobile, Gadgets, Overclocking


Working as an IT Manager from 1998, Bruno has gathered a vast experience particularly in the hardware and networking department. Loves to review motherboards, video cards, CPUs, storage devices, gadgets, smartphones, tablets, and liquid cooling equipment.

Since July 2014 extreme overclocking became his constant occupation.



PetruPetrus-Iulian "Devon" Fatu - Senior Editor

Gaming, Gaming Gear, Audio - news, reviews, interviews.
Writer and video-game enthusiast, "Devon" had a certain affinity towards most things "nerdy", and carries an indepth understanding of fiction, Fantasy, and SF in particular. However, Video-games, RPGs in particular consume most of his time. Whether they are table-top, like D&D 3.5 or White Wolf's World of Darkness, single-player experiences such as Baldur's Gate or IceWind Dale, or MMOs like WoW or Secret World, he'll always look for the next great game.



AlexandraAlexandra Iosub - Photographer

Hardware and Product Photography
Working as a graphic designer for the past 5 years, Alex has gained an appreciation for colors and composition. She takes a passionate approach to photography, as every shot has its own story to tell.




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