Sony working with Panasonic on 300GB Blu-Ray successor

Sony has signed an agreement with Panasonic to work on a new high-capacity optical disc set to replace the Blu-Ray.

Back in 2006, when Sony's PlayStation 3 was launched, one of its saving graces was the ability to read Blu-Ray disks. At the time of its release, the PS3, though expensive, was a lot cheaper and had better performances than most other Blu-Ray players on the market. Now Sony has revealed its plans to develop a new wave of optical disks, with storage capacity beyond current standards.

BluRayDiscBackAccording to Sony's press release, the company has signed an agreement with Panasonic with the intent of establishing „a next generation standard for professional-use optical disks." These new discs will have a recording capacity of around 300GB, three times the 100GB Blu-Ray upper limit and they are set to become the new standard by the end of 2015.

This technology is be a perfect match with the 4k 'Ultra HD' movies, which have four times the resolution of current HD, and most likely require more than 100GB of space. According to the press blurb it also fulfils most needs „for archive capabilities, not only from video production industries, such as motion pictures and broadcasting, but also from cloud data centres that handle increasingly large volumes of data following the evolution in network services."

This bodes well for many, from businesses that wish to copy and store large amounts of data, to consumers who would like to watch 4K resolution films. Though the press release doesn't explicitly discuss video-games, it's nice to think of bigger games, titles so massive they require more than 100GB storage space.

Sadly, we have no idea if this new-generation of discs will be compatible with current Blu-Ray drives. This will limit their usefulness on such hardware as the PS4, which will use a Blu-Ray disc drive.

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