AMD FX-6350 review: 6 cores for a low budget

When it comes to performance and power efficiency for x86 CPUs, all enthusiasts know there is only one name worth of being mentioned. And it is extremely unfortunate that this situation lasts for years, without any visible chances of something to change. Still, AMD are doing their best to remain competitive on some markets, although they know that the performance war has been lost for some time now. Instead of targeting the very high end, the company decided to focus on the mainstream segment, where the price/performance ratio is the one that really matters.

And for some time, this seemed to work just fine for AMD, although it was obvious not enough. So, they decided to bring back to life the renowned FX series by providing more cores than the competition and unlocked multipliers. Everything looked good on paper, but the products proved to be way below competition when it came to general performance. But AMD had no choice and had to keep playing the game which it was not very good at. So, no matter the low demand, the FX parts are still being developed and sold to people desiring more cores or lower prices.

AMD FX-6350 - face and back

One of the newest additions to FX series is the six-core FX-6350. Although the Vishera based products were first introduced in October 2012, the FX-6350 only showed up this spring. What it does is replacing the FX-6300 by increasing the operating frequency from 3.5 to 3.9 GHz and Turbo frequency from 4.1 to 4.2GHz. This adds some speed to the existing six-core Vishera line, but it also increases the power consumption. AMD specifies a 125W TDP for FX-6350, which is the same for the octo-core FX-8350 and FX-8320 and to the 95W provided by the FX-6300 part.

AMD FX Processor Model Number and Feature Comparison

As you can see, it uses the same 32nm technology and it provides the same amount of cache like its predecessor. The good news is that the launch price was the same as for FX-6300 ($132), but in the end the FX-6300 got a price cut and now it is listed for ~$110, while the FX-6350 can be acquired for about $130. So, we have a high clocked six-core CPU with an affordable price, which is more than some can ask for. Although, judging by our experience with Vishera CPUs in the past, you should lower your expectations when it comes to general performance. Still, it is extremely interesting that the FX-6350 comes cheaper than the FX-8120, which is still being sold by some shops for $150. The FX-8120 is an octo-core, but it uses the old Zambezi cores and its operating frequency is only 3.1GHz or up to 4GHz using Turbo.

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