Razer announced the release of Tartarus, a membrane gaming keypad

Razer announced the release of Tartarus, a rubber-dome keypad set as the direct successor to Razer Nostromo.

Yesterday, Razer announced the release of a new membrane gaming keypad, the Razer Tartarus, a direct successor to Razer Nostromo, and a spiritual bretheren to the mechanical keypad, the Razer Orbweaver. Tartarus features a rather comfortable form factor with 25 programmable keys and an eight-way directional thumb-pad. The pad is added for precision, but it can also act as a modifier key, multiplying the key-set count by eight, providing up to 128 different command options.

Tartarus provides instaneous switches between eight-key map setting an, with the help of the Synapse, allows for unlimited macro-builds and game profiles. According to Razer, Tartarus features N-Key rollover providing full anti-ghosting and backlit keys.

Razer Tartarus

"The Razer Tartarus places an infinite amount of control into a single hand—literally—affording immense flexibility, power and an ultimately free other hand, which is a deadly competitive advantage," said Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director. "For serious gamers, this keypad can make the difference between victory and defeat."

Razer Tartarus front

As any recent Razer product, Tartarus can be configured via the Razer Synapse 2.0 software bundle. The synapse allows users to save custom-profiles and sync them anywhere in the world via the 'Cloud', therefore as long as you have an internet connection, the peripheral will be useable anywhere. Of course, one might wonder if profiles/macros can be saved on-board, offering the same functionalities without the aid of Synapse.

Razer Tartarus side


Razer Tartarus is available now, 15 August 2013 in US for $79.99 and EU for €79.99.

Features as listed by Razer:

  • 25 fully programmable keys including an
  • 8-way directional thumb-pad
  • Instantaneous switching between 8 key maps
  • Improved ergonomic form factor
  • Adjustable soft-touch wrist pad for remarkable comfort
  • Full anti-ghosting
  • Unlimited macro lengths
  • Unlimited game profiles
  • Backlit keys for total control even in dark conditions
  • Braided fiber cable
  • Razer Synapse 2.0 enabled

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